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Determining Features of Street Legal Bikes

Determining Features of Street Legal Bikes

Posted by Manny on Dec 20th 2019

All bikes are not the same however each of them are awesome in their own ways. And when it comes to converting dirt bikes into street legal bikes some will take a lot of chore to convert than others. But you can find a lot of street legal motorcycles for sale with us at Affordable ATV.

Features That Determine Street Legal Bikes

Several bikes are there that come from the factory with the required equipment for street legal conversion whereas some bikes need a lot of work for the conversion. So what all are the features that make a bike street legal? Let us have a look –

  • Headlight

A headlight that can switch to low beams and high beams is a must sought after feature when looking for a street legal bike. The headlight needs to be DOT approved. The low beam, high beam switches and high beam indicator must be clearly visible to the rider from the seating position and the switch must be within a simple reach.

  • Electrical System

Up gradation of electrical system is highly necessary for the conversion of an off-trail dirt bike into a street legal motorcycle. For most of the bikes upgrading the stator works well. However, make sure to check the service manual of the bike to know how the pre-existing electrical components have been wired.

  • Brake Light

In street legal bikes there must a DOT-approved tail light as well as a brake light function that runs on a mounted battery. Moreover, the battery must have the capability to power the brake light for at least 20 minutes. Also, a switch that will activate the brake light while using the brakes is compulsory at both the handlebar lever and brake pedal.

  • Gear

Usually the off-road bikes have gears that are set for lower speeds as compared to the gears of street legal bikes. Therefore, for converting a dirt bike into a street legal motorcycle you will have to alter its gear ratios appropriately.

  • Tires and Wheels

For a street legal bike the tires must be DOT-approved, regardless of its design and make. The wheels used by a bike on the road can make huge difference with tires.

  • Rearview Mirror

A bike needs to have at least one rearview mirror to become a street legal. However, there are a few states that mandate two rearview mirrors.

  • Horn

Installing a horn is a simple yet necessary thing when it comes to converting a dirt bike into a street legal bike. Several states mandate electric horns whereas others allow squeeze-type bicycle horn. Horn installation is one of the most essential aspects when it comes to safety of the rider.

  • Turn Indicators

Turn indicators in the front as well as the rear side of the bike is essential in some states whereas others make it an optional consideration. For smooth operations, the switch for the indicators need to be set on the left-hand side grip and should be DOT approved.

  • Speedometer

Speedometer is another feature that a street legal bike must have as it indicates the speed of the bike on the road hence allows you to limit the speed when required. You can find a number of speedometers today and some are GPS infused as well!

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