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Educate Your Kids About The Go-Kart Safety Rules

Educate Your Kids About The Go-Kart Safety Rules

Posted by Manny on Oct 31st 2019

Do you remember soapbox races as a child? Or may have heard stories about them from your father or grandfather. The sport was immensely popular a generation back. It consisted of children making their own “soapbox” cars – usually cars made from scraps – to race on the street. The 1st soapbox derby race was held in 1933 & drew over 300 kids of all ages in Dayton, Ohio. From there a complete sport was born & continues to this day. Kids from all over the US compete at the local level, all eyeing from the prize: competing in All American Soapbox Derby held yearly in Arkon, Ohio.

Although modern day kids are more expected to be discovered on a go-kart than a wooden fruit crate paved into a soapbox race car, parents persists to be concerned regarding safety. And while modern generation enjoys safety measurements such as helmets, there’re other steps parents can take to ensure their kids are as safe as possible while having fun on go-karts.

Kids go karts are also machines and they must be treated with respect:

Educating kids the ins & outs of go-kart safety can’t be stressed enough. Explicate the reason behind safety guidelines so that children will comprehend the cause & effect of their actions behind the wheel.

Wear appropriate clothing:

Just like ATV or other recreational vehicle, it is critical to put on clothes that fits well & is not too lose. Baggy pants or flapping shirt can easily get trapped in moving components & prompt injury.

Always wear a helmet:

It is tempting to forget to grab a helmet when you are in a rush to get moving on a go-kart or meet a friend. Every single time your kid wants to drive his go-kart, make it a rule in your home that helmets are a must.

Safety harness needed:

Any good-quality kids go kart will have some sort of safety harness system. Usually, the more connection points the harness has, the safer it is. So, a 3-point harness with a shoulder and lap belt offers more self-control than a lap belt alone. A point-harness is the best you can get. Examine the harness on a regular basis to make sure it is in good state, each connection point is securely affixed & the latches hold appropriately. Whatever safety harness system the go-kart has, ensure you kid is using it every time he ride.

By implementing these above-mentioned tips, parents certainly can gain peace of mind while kids relish the fun that go-karts provide. Here at Affordable ATV, we stock go karts for kids from a wide range of brands including TAOTAO, Vittaci, APOLLO, TrailMaster, etc.