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Making a Right Decision between ATVs and UTVs for Sale

Making a Right Decision between ATVs and UTVs for Sale

Posted by Manny on Aug 14th 2019

When it comes to buying ATVs or cheap UTVs for sale, it’s important to understand all of your options. Adding a new powersports to your arsenal of off-road vehicles is no exception. There’s a common question that comes to the mind of every off-road vehicle enthusiasts, “What is the main difference between an ATV and a UTV? Please check out this post and know how to decide between a ATV and UTV:

Definition –

An ATV – all-terrain vehicle is also known as four wheeler or quad and is designed for single riders. However, a UTV – Utility Task Vehicle tends to be beefier and allows for side-by-side riding, this is why some simply call it a side by side or SXS for short.

Size –

An ATV is quite smaller than the UTV and is often better option to make fast turns and tight spaces. It tends to be more physically demanding to ride as you require straddling the seat and maintaining the balance for optimal control. But if you prefer riding alone, you will have adrenalin-pumping fun and excitement.

On the other hand, if you prefer riding with others and have safety in your mind, UTV would be your right choice. Though UTVs for sale are quite larger in size, they allow you ride with multiple passengers and offer you comfortable riding experience.

However, UTVs are comfortable because of their automobile style bench or bucket seats and roll cage like enclosure. They are perfectly designed to haul and come with storage space providing you a reasonable way to pack your safety gear. 

Cost –

When it comes to considering cost, an ATV is less expensive than a UTV. But this makes sense when you consider additional safety features like roll cage, seat belts, windscreens, etc. However, both ATV and UTV can be modified for performance like four wheeler independent suspension, power steering, special lighting, etc.

While considering the budget of your off-road vehicle, you should focus on safety gear and accessories like helmets, protective clothes, gloves, heavy-duty boots, etc. for ease of transportation. If the necessary safety equipment puts you over budget, you should wait for more and save up before making your purchase.

Functionality and Lifestyle –

Ultimately, the off-road vehicle has to be right for you and riding requirements. If you prefer riding alone, want to save money and enjoy the adrenalin rush of riding a vehicle at high speeds and nimble maneuvers, an ATV is right up your alley.

Again, if you need a vehicle with more functionality, the ability of hauling more people safely and more gear and if you’d like the idea of customizing the wheels, light kit and suspension, UTVs for sale are hard to beat.

Bottom Line –

Regardless of the type of off-road vehicle you want to buy, you’re sure to get a blast whizzing down trails and adventuring in the outdoors. Please check out the available ATVs or cheap UTVs for sale at Affordable ATV and rest assured that you’ll have more fun and safe riding experiences.

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