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A Few Easy Adjustments to Improve Speed and Performance of 125cc ATVs!

A Few Easy Adjustments to Improve Speed and Performance of 125cc ATVs!

Posted by Manny on Sep 27th 2019

ATVs are meant for fun and speed! But do you know that you can enhance its performance and increase its speed by making a few adjustments? Yeah you heard that right! With many minor adjustments one can increase the speed of their ATV! If you are looking for buying a 125cc ATVs for sale which has a speed limit of 40 to 50 km/h but you wish to enhance its speed then you can make a few adjustments in your machine to achieve that! But the question here is what all adjustments you need to do?

Let us check these out below-

Cleaning the air filter regularly before every race is a great way to improve your machine’s performance. A clogged air filter reduces the air flow which affects the speed of your machine to a great extent; hence it is highly advised to keep the air filter clean.

Adjust your height before riding the machine! Riding the machine at a wrong height in relation to the space between your ATV frame and your comfort zone, will ultimately lead to slowing down of your machine. When you lower the height of your ATV, handling it might become easier but you may feel the bumps and landings harder. Therefore, during racing you must adjust the height at a higher level which is comfortable for you as well.

Tire pressure is often overlooked but it plays a vital role in the performance of your 125cc ATV. However, the tire pressure depends upon the tires and rims used and the type of racing. For instance, motocross racing might require a different tire pressure than that of an off-road or flat track.

Increasing or decreasing the sprocket size front and rear affects the speed of your cheap 125cc ATVs for sale. Installing a larger rear sprocket wheel reduces the top speed while increasing the acceleration. For a better/higher to speed you need to gear up!

Adjustment of camber, toe and caster is also essential for enhancing the performance of an ATV. Camber, toe and caster are related to the alignment of an ATV. Camber can be adjusted in degrees. The recommended camber adjustment for motocross racings is mostly three to four degrees. Toe is pointing the front of the front tires inward and caster means angular displacement from the vertical axis of the suspension.

Keeping the nuts and bolts of your machine tight is a must to improve the performance of an ATV. A small mistake can affect the riding experience!

The speed of the ATV also depends upon the weight of the rider. In case of 125cc ATVs for sale the maximum weight capacity is 400 pounds.

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