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4 Karting Mistakes You Should Avoid

4 Karting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Posted by Manny on Sep 3rd 2019

There’re not as many sports as exciting as karting. However, driving a kart is quite different to driving a regular car, and there’re some widespread mistakes which will thwart your speed. Avoid these traps & you will be certain to beat your competitors.

Moving your hands on the wheel:

Unlike in a motor car, karts have quite sensitive steering, so keep your hands at the ‘quarter to three’ position at all times & don’t let go. Not just this will offer you more control over the kart, but you will be able to react to slides much faster.

Turning in too early:

One common thing you will usually see with novices & more experienced drivers is turning into corners too early. If you discover yourself sliding wide on a corner exit, or you think you’re losing speed out of the corners, try slowing the kart down a little more before your turn and aim for a later apex. If you get the entry right, you should be able to speed up at the apex of the corner without running wide at the exit.

Steering too aggressively:

Precision is the secret to being fast in a kart. Many new drivers tend to turn the steering wheel sharply, making the front to slide. When turning a kart, apply the steering smoothly and slowly so you don’t surprise it.

Braking too softly:

Kart brakes act on the rear wheels only, meaning braking like you do in a road car simply won’t work. The best way of braking in a kart is hitting the brakes hard initially so they almost lock, then as you get closer to the apex of corner, gradually & smoothly release them.

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