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Safe Go Karting Tips For Kids | AffordableATV

Safe Go Karting Tips For Kids | AffordableATV

Posted by Manny on Sep 11th 2020

Every kid gets pumped at the mention of go kart racing, and the excitement is so universal that one of Nintendo’s most successful game series is based on the idea. Go karts for kids is the most thrilling experience ever, but do you know they can enjoy them outside of a recreation center? We have boiled down some of the best kids go-karting tips and advice that will help your little racers become champions.

Preparing for a go-kart race

The first step to help your kid prepare for a race is to ensure their go-kart is set up properly. To maximize safety and the chances of winning, you will need to check that the wheels and brakes are in great condition and other moving parts are also working fine. It is equally important to ensure that the seat is positioned correctly. Your child should be in a comfortable position and able to reach the steering wheel easily.

Steering and Braking

To help your child build the skills of go-karting faster and further, you should encourage them to hold the steering wheel at the ‘quarter to three’ position and help them to steer relatively gently and smoothly in their favorite go-kart.

Applying the brakes at first may seem counterintuitive for children, but once they get their hands on using the brakes combined with good steering skills, they will be better racers as they will be able to cut corners effectively.

Entering and exiting corners

Showcasing the skill of entering and exiting the corners will help your kid achieve the best go-karting performance. However, the trickiest part to learn is, when to take a turn and this can take a lot of practice. Showing them to turn into the corner with an aim for the central point is advised. Entering and most importantly, exiting the corner is an equally valuable skill, and preaching them this mantra can help them to hone this skill.

Having entered the corner and got to the central point, go-kart drivers should aim towards outside of the track.


Driving kids go-kart will become easy with an ample amount of practice, but the complete picture of how to race competitively and safely is tougher to see when you concentrate only on a part of it. Provided your child knows how to corner like a pro or gets the basics down pat when it comes to safe go-karts for kids, every other thing will get into place and they will be a racer in the making in no time!

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