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Five Simple Steps to Follow to Ride a Moped Safely

Five Simple Steps to Follow to Ride a Moped Safely

Posted by Manny on Sep 9th 2022

We at Affordable ATV are presently offering mopeds for sale online. We are also offering a special discount as we are offering summer sales. Taking advantage of these, many have bought mopeds from us. We would love to make our clients able to ride the mopeds safely. We will share a few steps to ensure that all our clients can drive safely.

Know the machine 

Before you start riding a moped, you need to make sure you are familiar with the machine. So, if you have brought a gearless scooter, you must press the rear brake to start the machine with the help of the electric start button. If you do not hold on to the rear brake and start, the scooter will start to roll forward as you start, which can lead to an accident. You have both brake switches in the handlebar, so make sure you know which one is for the rear brake. Generally, the right side has the accelerator and the front brake, and the left side has the lever for the rear brake.

Seat and start the moped 

Now that you know the basic part, you can sit and start the scooter. If your model is a gearless version, the saddle height is low, and you can have a comfortable seating posture. It is wise to sit upright and straight. You will find riding challenging if you lean forward or to the left or right. As you sit comfortably, pressing the start button, you can start the scooter. However, do not forget to press the brake lever. It is also possible in some versions to start with a kick.

Start to ride and balance 

If you are riding for the first time, ensure the road is smooth without potholes. After you start the scooter, release the brake lever slowly unless you feel that the moped has begun to move forward. You must release the brake lever and put your legs on the footboard. After doing such, start to build up speed slowly with the help of the accelerator. If you are a beginner, never cross the 40-mph mark. It is wise to ride at a slow speed initially and develop balance. If at any moment you feel that your machine is not in your control, put your legs down.

Know to brake and turn the scooter 

It is always wise to use the rear brake to slow down the speed. Press the lever slowly so that the speed comes down gradually. Turing the scooter is also advisable at low speed.

Ride in traffic 

When you have gained confidence, try driving in the traffic. 

So, follow these steps to ride your moped after buying the same from us.