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Facts to Know Before Buying Your First Moped Or Scooter In Arlington

Facts to Know Before Buying Your First Moped Or Scooter In Arlington

Posted by Manny on Jul 9th 2022

With the high gas prices these days, you may be thinking of an expensive transport mode for daily commuting, going to work, shopping, or just running errands nearby. Getting a moped for sale is the best solution to tackle the high price situation and ease daily commuting for different reasons. These days, many people purchase scooters or mopeds. It seems to be the most convincing way to save money you spend on everyday commuting. In a moped, you can achieve over 100 miles per gallon! Buying a scooter or moped for sale in Arlington, TX, is intelligent. Still, you should know a few things before purchasing your first moped or scooter.

A moped is any 2-wheeled vehicle with a 49 cc engine or smaller and a top speed of about 30 mph or less. A moped would be like a bicycle operated by a 49cc motor. A vehicle without pedals & less then 49CC engine might, be considered a moped. Each state’s department of motor vehicles defines mopeds and scooters a little differently. But people frequently use the terms interchangeably. However, getting the right moped is the tricky part, just like other things in life. Mopeds for sale in Arlington, TX, can light a person up! Riding around on two wheels can be pretty addictive. You’ve probably heard how awesome they are regarding being so nimble, fuel-efficient, and getting the BEST parking spot.

Fantastic mileage

The gas mileage alone can convince you to ride a moped or scooter immediately! However, it is the critical feature of why people procure mopeds for sale in Arlington, TX. There is no wonder thatsale of mopeds increase with the rise in gas prices! Did you know you can get over more than a hundred miles per gallon on a 49cc moped? It happens due to the smaller motor that consumes less fuel.

Relatively easy to ride and handle

The position in which you ride your moped is more like a sitting position. Hence, it is easy to ride. It is easy to handle and very comfortable to ride. Scooters & mopeds are by far one of the most accessible motorcycles to ride. Their portability allows them unrestricted movement, and their modest weight makes it simple to maneuver through traffic.

Space-saving & easy parking

Finding a spot to park a moped is so much simpler than doing the same for a car. You’ll see mopeds can be parked in areas where cars are not allowed. Use common sense and park it in a safe place.

Many Ways to Save Money

Scooters cost a fraction of what a car does. A brand-new 49cc to 150cc moped or scooter would run you between $850 and $2000. An inexpensive automobile costs you between $10 and $15k when new. They are less expensive to insure due to their reduced worth.


Getting a moped is not all about aesthetics. Something needs to be considered and looked out for when getting a moped for sale in TX. Do not get us wrong; aesthetics is also one of the things to look out for before procuring a moped.

Engine size and type

The engine size of the mopeds ranges from 49cc to over 500cc. The engine size is where you should start when shopping for a moped or a scooter. After all, the length determines how effective your moped will be for you – how fast can your moped go? It can go with a speed range of 30-40 mph with restricted mode. However, a 150cc engine moped will function more powerfully than a moped for sale with a 49cc engine.

Safety features

All mopeds are regarded to be less safe when compared to trucks or cars. However, the lower the speed of a moped, the safer it is viewed.

If you need more information about mopeds for sale in Arlington, TX, their engine sizes, and safety features, then visit our website today!